The World of Internet Marketing in 2019

The marketing world is changing rapidly to accommodate the digital world. It seems like every day there is a new development or application that marketers have to wrestle with in hopes that it will reach consumers and yield positive results. At the moment, artificial intelligence is the latest technology making the biggest waves and changing the marketing world as people know it.


Data Analysis

One of the best ways that artificial intelligence is changing the marketing world is that it allows for thorough data analysis that doesn’t have to contend with human error. In place of an employee taking hours and hours of their work week sifting through metrics like website clicks and SEO rankings, an algorithm can rapidly access all of the relevant information and analyze it without human-assistance.

An example of this AI is the lightweight Enterprise software Morphio. Its algorithm collects a vast amount of data and then gives lucrative insights that will help a business reach its desired performance goals. The goals could be anything from boosting their search engine rankings to increasing positive ROI.

So, you can apply machine learning to your marketing to give employees more time to work on other important tasks or you can use it to advance your business’s online performance goals in a short time.


Targeted Ads

Data analysis can notify you of certain segments of your audience. It can reveal important factors like age, gender, and location. Once you have that information handy, you can use it to strategically plan targeted ads on popular social media platforms like Facebook and reach people that match the descriptions of your audience segments.

If your products or services deal with certain milestones, you can set-up your ads to pop up after certain life events. For instance, a wedding catering company could plan for ads to reach out to people who have recently announced their engagement. Or a baby clothing company could plan for ads to reach users making pregnancy announcements.



Having 24/7 online support can be difficult for many online businesses to manage, especially if they have a small staff and budget to work it. Instead of outsourcing the task of handling customer inquiries and complaints to a person, you can use a chatbot. AI can complete the simple task for you without requiring too much oversight.

Some companies have even used chatbots to improve customer engagement and attract a greater audience. One example is the Marvel Comics Chatbot that allowed fans to interact with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man through Facebook Messenger and Twitter direct messages. The bot sent messages and shared Easter Eggs about the latest comic story-line.

One moment you’re sending newsletters to email addresses, and the next minute you’re considering setting up an AI chatbot on your website. The changes may feel overwhelming. Once you accept the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the marketing world, the easier it will be to adapt to them and reap the benefits. Without a doubt, this is just the start of what AI can do for marketers.